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If you are looking for a specialist in car servicing, repair and maintenance, SAM'S TYRES & SERVICE CENTRE is your solution!

Located in Brunswick, our company services all of Melbourne and Northcote regions.

Buying and owning a car is a big investment in itself. That's why you cannot afford to invest in repairs every time. Owning a vehicle means taking care of the vehicle as well.

Maintaing your car properly not only keeps the vehicle in good working condition, but it also avoids you costly repairs.

We Service Your Car Like No Other

If you want to maintain your car's health and condition, regular inspections and servicing are a must! Finding yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere every single time is indeed frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry or very far from an auto shop. Yet, these incidents could have been prevented if you had had your car regularly serviced and maintained. At SAM'S TYRES & SERVICE CENTRE, we are committed to maintaining your vehicle. Give us a call today!

Why Car Servicing?

A comprehensive car service is significant for the following reasons:

A correctly serviced vehicle has a longer life span.
• Having your engine checked regularly will ensure that it is working properly and it is up to speed. A properly tuned engine will have a longer,more economical service life than one with minimal attention.
• Regularly servicing your car, you have a logbook outlining a complete service history. This means that your vehicle will be worth more should you decide to sell it.
• If servicing is neglected to an unreasonable extent, manufacturers can void a customer's new car warranty.
• Complete car servicing means brake inspections also. The maintenance of your brakes is very important for safety purposes.

We don't just take care of cars, we take care of customers

Why choose us?

  • 30 years of extensive experience
  • Qualified mechanics at your service
  • We service all makes and models of cars
  • Competitive pricing
  • We offer a wide selection of car brakes
  • Roadworthy certificates are available

Trust us for reliable services